Sweet dumpling squash seeds

Sweet Dumplin Acorn Squash seeds for sale.

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Celebrate the season of autumn with Sweet Dumpling squash seeds from Everwilde Farms. These winter squash seeds grow tiny squashes striped with white. Ivory with dark green stripes like a delicata, but dainty and teacup shaped.

Very sweet, tender orange. The sweet, tender, orange flesh makes this variety the favorite of many. Plant Sweet Dumpling Squash Seeds in your organic vegetable garden. Sweet Dumpling is half way between an flat top acorn squash and a delicata squash. The size of a teacup, this winter squash is just the right size for a single serving, and has very sweet, succulent flesh. Available as seed from Park Seed. Sweet Dumpling produces a large numer of small fruits.

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Excellent for stuffing and baking individually. Received the RHS Award of Garden Merit trophy in trials. Grow a garden filled with Sweet Dumpling Squash, from freshly harvested Cucurbita pepo seeds. Sweet Dumpling is a winter squash that yields 8 to 10 fruits per. Approximately 12-15 seeds per gram. Cucurbita maxima. This is a delightful introduction in every way, this is a small gourd round about the size of a croquet ball, and has the appearance of having been sculptured out.

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Its light orange flesh is very sweet and tender with a mild nu. There is something extraordinary about the aroma of baking Winter Squash, bubbling with butter. Description. Sweet Dumpling Squash Seeds (Winter Type) 2280 A delightful dumpling shaped, delicate squash. Very sweet and tasty light golden flesh in. Cucurbita pepo. Very attractive round fruits that are ribbed and slightly flattened, growing to 10cm in diameter. Flesh is smooth and very sweet.

Ideal for stuffing. This squash is as ornamental as it is tasty. The small 8-10 oz. fruits have cream skins with dark green mottled stripes. The flesh is light yellow, sweet and. Squash: Sweet Dumpling Cucurbita pepo. Approx. 1-17 seeds per gram.